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    Optimism. A word infused with hope, positivity, and good will. These qualities are embodied by up-and-coming vocal artist Alycia Nichole. This young woman has exotic beauty, a soulful voice, and an ocean of creative talent.  However, what is even more impressive is her deep-seated devotion to making the world a better place.“I live to help others. I have been given a lot of love in my life, and everything I do is pretty much in the business of serving people.” Reflecting this philosophy, her songs focus on a variety of upbeat themes. “The world needs uplifting, positive messages in these troubled times. I hope I can provide a little light in the darkness.” This desire to help others is part of what draws her to music, which she believes has “the power to heal and affect people’s emotions in a positive way.”

    Alycia learned the importance of love through example. Growing up on the Monterey Peninsula, she flourished under the supportive eye of a large family network. Alycia’s mother continues to be her inspiration; a strong woman who has always worked hard, pursued excellence, and lived with integrity, all while raising four children.

    Dance, clothing design, and musical instruments were creative outlets as Alycia grew, but her true passion was singing on stage.  At 21 she decided to turn her dreams into a career and began composing her own songs.

    Her family expanded a year ago when she and her husband, director Luke Archer, had their first child. Alycia reflects that being a mother greatly increased her motivation and drive. “I want my daughter to see how hard her father and I work and how passionate we are about our crafts.”

    This new motivation seems to be working as she has racked up a host of recent accomplishments. Her first single, “Suddenly”, raced to #1 on a Clear Channel R & B station. The second single, “Do You Believe,” was a DJ favorite at the 2010 Olympic Games and featured on multiple highlight reels.  Later, “Butterfly” was picked up by radio stations in Santa Barbara and London. Even Wyclef Jean recognized her talent and offered her a chance to record in his New York studio.

    These successes are particularly striking because Alycia is an entirely self-funded independent artist. As she puts it, “being a musician is a labor of love, it’s not about paying the bills.” In her eternally optimistic style, she states, “It is a struggle, but I have always believed that the greatest joys in life are found during the journey, not at the destination. I get to live life by my design, and while it can be a challenge, I’m forced to dive deep in my soul and face its essence.” Alycia accredits much of her recent growth to teaming up with Rogan Allen of GiftRap Records to co-write and produce her soon-to-be-released debut album.

    The self-titled record is reminiscent of classic R & B legends like Patti Labelle and Sam Cooke along with contemporary artists such as Mariah Carey, Teedra Moses, and Adele. Ranging from serious to light-hearted, the tracks highlight human experience: doubting, believing, falling in love, and above all, enjoying life.

    While the songs pulse with rhythmic beats, the true magic of the album lies in Alycia’s rich vocal tone. Her voice holds a rare ability to reflect emotional nuances, be it pain or joy. Her vocal refinement comes from years of dedicated practice, yet her uniquely luxuriant depth and complexity are raw talent.

    In addition to filming music videos to support the new album, a West Coast tour is in the works with appearances at festivals and venues slated for this summer. Invigorated by success, she is currently collaborating on her next project. Loving, goofy, passionate, and sometimes serious, this soulstress is sure to take the R & B scene by surprise.

    Echoing childhood, Alycia’s creative energies extend far beyond music, including tentative plans for starting a shoe line.  “I have a lot of ideas, and I’m constantly coming up with more.” She is pleased with opportunities opened up by today’s music scene. “Thanks to the digital age, music is about fans and artists again.  The way music should be.” Compassionate, energetic and hopeful, Alycia’s ideas and the music that springs from them are touching the lives of audiences around the world, and that is just as it should be



    Luke Archer
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